About Us

Possumwood Wildlife is a self-funded treatment and accommodation facility and sanctuary for severely injured and traumatised native animals. Through engagement and research it also seeks to learn more about the behaviour of these unique animals to enhance their prospects.

Established by Professor Steve Garlick and Dr Rosemary Austen, Possumwood is located on the Lake George Escarpment on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales 30 minutes from Australia’s national capital Canberra which has, unfortunately, become an unsafe and unfriendly place for Australia’s unique wildlife.

Steve & Rosemary & Blue Turtle

Who we help

At Possumwood we rescue and rehabilitate sick, traumatised and injured macropods (kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos), wombats and possums of all ages and sizes and, when fully recovered, release them into a safe environment for a second chance of a free life. We assist wild animals traumatised and incapacitated through wire fence entanglement, motor vehicle accident, dog, cat and fox attack and shooting. We assist those with fractures, nerve and head injury, severe wounds or are sick because of severe stress, pneumonia, myopathy and other illnesses.

Over the last 16 years we have undertaken well over 5000 wildlife rescues and rehabilitated more than 4000 traumatised wild animals.

We hope you will find this a different experience as you follow the stories of determination to recover and the affection of just a small fraction of more than 4000 remarkable animals that we have so far had the joy, and the heartbreak, of helping over the years.


We maintain an active research and publication program in areas of wildlife rehabilitation, emotional behaviour, wildlife knowledge systems, animal ethics and environmental sustainability and wildlife. The results of our research are published and presented at national and international conferences, and in journals and books.

Transpecies Learning

At Possumwood we foster engaged learning between humans and wildlife so we might better understand wildlife knowledge and behaviour and more accurately understand their recovery needs. For us, transpecies learning connotes the fields of  transpecies psychology (cognitive and emotional behaviour of animals) and relational learning (co-creating knowledge with a relational ethic) within a framework of caring for others.


Fact sheets are provided on aspects of our wildlife rehabilitation experience and our research. Carers are assisted with first aid for their injured animals and with advice on many aspects concerning the recovery of sick and injured wildlife.


We stand on the side of wildlife against the pernicious, cruel and unjust actions of  governments and those who show disregard for these wonderful animals.

Possumwood is our commitment to native animal well-being based on building reciprocal human-animal relations, respect, kindness and continuous learning about this unique wildlife.