What We Do

oldmum3Who we help

At Possumwood we rescue and rehabilitate sick, traumatised and injured macropods (kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos), possums and possums of all ages and sizes and, when fully recovered, release them into a safe environment for a second chance of a free life. We average around 200 new residents a year. Since the year 2000 we have assisted in the recovery of more than 2000 animals.We assist animals injured and traumatised by fence entanglement, motor vehicle accident, predator attack, harassment and shooting. We help animals that have become incapacitated as a result of fractures, nerve damage, head injury, severe wounds, mange or are ill because of chronic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder, pneumonia, myopathy, fungal problems, internal organ complications and other illnesses.


At Possumwood we maintain an active research and publication program in areas of wildlife rehabilitation, ethics and animal behaviour. The results of our research are presented at national and international conferences and published in journals and books. Key areas of our work include:

  • wildlife injury and illness
  • wildlife emotional behaviour
  • wildlife knowledge systems
  • animal ethics
  • wildlife and environmental sustainability

Transpecies learningsteve hug

We foster engaged learning between humans and wildlife so we might better understand wildlife knowledge systems, behaviour and environmental sustainability.


Fact sheets are produced on aspects of our wildlife rehabilitation experience and our research work. Other carers are assisted with first aid for their injured animals and with treatment and with management of illness and injury.


Possumwood Wildlife advocates on behalf of wildlife where there is injustice, cruelty and disregard for these  animals.