Macropod Stress Research Agenda

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Author: nathan

The significance of stress on wildlife, particularly in mammals, is not fully appreciated by rehabilitators, zoos,  conservation and reserve managers, ecologists and veterinarians. Acute stress in these animals can, without appropriate treatment or environmental adjustment, progress to chronic stress, renal failure, myopathy and death. This is of international relevance to many species of wildlife. 


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Author: nathan

Preparing for the next wildlife catastrophe

Almost all the 30 fire victims that came to Possumwood have now recovered and been released. Just a few more that had the worst burns are waiting to return to the wild over coming weeks. The past ten months dealing with the fire victims together with all the other injury trauma cases that ordinarily come in has been exhausting for Rosemary and me.


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Author: nathan

George is a lucky kangaroo. A member of the public stopped by the side of the road in the ACT and noticed movement in the pouch of a dead female kangaroo. Following instructions over the phone the member of the public was able to reach into the pouch and safely extract George who was only 500 grams and furless( called a pinkie).

Possumwood to be on disaplay in India

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Author: nathan

The Wildlife Trust of India has asked Possumwood to present its work with Australian wildlife in the Protecting Animals Seminar Series at the Third Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi in January. In addition, Steve and Rosemary will be presenting two papers on wildlife emotional behaviour in the academic section of MAC3

Two grants to Possumwood

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Author: nathan

This week Possumwood Wildlife secured two grants to assist with its operation. Both grants recognise the significant contribution Possumwood makes to wildlife wellbeing.

The first grant is from Voiceless, the animal protection organisation.

The second grant is from the NSW Wildlife Council to help with an upgrade to the large macropod enclosure.

A Great Summer Read

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Author: nathan
Turning Points Book

Gypsy Wulff’s new book Turning Points in Compassion is a great read this Summer for those interested in the compassionate lives of  animal advocate personalities around the world. The book can be ordered at: www.turningpointsincompassion_info

Steve is interviewed for his work as founder and president of the Animal Justice Party of Australia.

A new beginning for Scottie the wombat

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Author: nathan

Rosemary and I rescued Scottie last September. He had been attacked by dogs and was in a bad way.  But this was to be his lucky day.  His wounds and his general condition were so bad most other rescuers would probably have had him euthanised  Fortunately our wildlife veterinarian could see him the same day and after a lengthy procedure to clean out seven very deep incisor wounds he came back to Possumwood for the recovery stage.

Herpes virus isolated in kangaroo respiratory illness

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Author: nathan

In the Fact Sheet section we reported on our success in treating a life threatening respiratory illness in infant eastern grey kangaroos using the antiviral Valaciclovir. We had suspected a herpes virus which are known to affect kangaroos and this medication is used to treat herpes virus infections in humans. Nasal swab pathology tests were ordered for Herpesvirus PCR.                                                                                      

Test Result: 

The sample was positive for the presence of herpesvirus DNA by PCR.

Steve & Rosemary speak at the MAC3 International Conference on Animals in New Delhi

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Author: nathan
Steve & Rosemary speak at the MAC3 International Conference

Steve and Rosemary delivered three papers at the Third International Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi in January. One paper was on the work they do for injured wildlife at Possumwood, a second was concerned with neuropsychological issues in Australian kangaroos and the third was about  wildlife knowledge systems and the epistemological implications for environmental analysis